What are every man's wardrobe essentials?

When it comes to men's fashion, „one outfit for every occasion“ simply won't do for a modern man. Naturally, different occasions require a different fashion look, adapted to best fit individual taste and personality of those who wear it. However, the universal golden rule of a fantastic look is to wear items which fit you so well they look like they have been custom-made. But, regardless of the look they opt for, there are certain essential items which every man should own. And use!

Taking into account that clothes and fashion shopping isn’t exactly the favorite leisure activity for majority of men, here is a comprehensive list which we hope will make your life easier and your style impeccable.

Simple plain white T-shirt

Let’s start simple. The beauty of a white tee is in its versality - urban fashion likes it in combination with jeans, sneakers and a blazer, and for a more casual look just lose the blazer. It also fits perfectly under a button-down shirt or a crew neck sweater for cooler weather.

For some strange reason, men are often advised to wear their tees somewhat loosely on the shoulders and across the chest, but be careful. This is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to fashion for men. Tees, or any other item, should not be baggy, but rather naturally follow the contours of the body while allowing the room to breathe.


Every man should have at least one good quality hoodie. It combines wonderfully with sweatpants for all the workouts, hikes or purely a sports look; whereas worn with jeans it levels up the style while still maintaining sportish casual look. To avoid looking sloppy, make sure the hoodie is not too long or baggy, as well as that the logo or print is not too big.

Crew neck shirt

Made of cashmere, wool or even cotton, a thin crew neck shirt is one of the best clothing items a man can own. In addition to the previously mentioned casual combination of jeans and sneakers, it is also commonly worn with chino trousers or even suit trousers for a more elegant or professional look. The recommended hues are light gray, navy blue, beige or even chestnut.


One of the most famous fashion designers ever, Yves Saint Laurent, once said that maybe his biggest professional regret was that he wasn’t the one to invent jeans – the most spectacular, the most practical, the most comfortable creation ever, which was basically the epitome of his entire work. That statement alone speaks volumes about just how desirable jeans really are – they can be incorporated into almost any personal style, while plethora of varieties ensure that everyone can find their perfect match, regardless of fashion taste, body type or age.

Even though the latest fashion trends like washed out, baggy and/or ripped jeans, men who aim to be slightly more elegant should opt for plain darker ones without flashy decorative buttons or hems. Another quite important feature is to choose the right size – jeans should be slim enough to provide the hint of the body contour but not as tight as women’s leggings, stiff enough to have a shape but loose enough to allow natural freedom of movement.

In addition to that, quite slim men are often advised to go for the boot cut, which will visually widen them. However, this advice is mostly misleading, since that cut will only make them seem sloppy and as if they got lost in all that surplus fabric. Straight or even slim cut is generally a much better fit for skinnier men, provided they feel comfortable wearing it.


Suits are the classical must have piece that no man should avoid, regardless whether they choose to be infashion or not. Even if your job does not require such a formal attire and you personally adhere more to street fashion, a fancy-dress occasion is bound to come up sooner or later. Be prepared!

A good quality suit for men is the equivalent of the little black dress for women, meaning that subtle difference in accessories can completely transform the entire look and make it work at all times. However, that is not to say that the suit also needs to be black. On the contrary, black suits are mostly considered to be far too formal for occasions other than weddings and funerals, which is why fashion stylists prefer navy blue or carbon hues, complimentary to almost any skin tone and neutral enough to support the widest variety of shirts, belts and shoes. Whether you want to dress up for a night out or have an actual event to attend – this is the look with which you cannot go wrong.

Button-down shirt

And while we’re there, classical button-down shirt is another one of those items which should find its way into each and every man’s wardrobe. Not strictly reserved just for the most formal events, a nice shirt will leave a good impression regardless of the situation. A good button-down shirt emits confidence, style and capability. Slimmer cuts of various colors and designs go great with regular jeans and sneakers for a relaxed but urban fashion look, whereas the more formal ones of neutral colors and no print are an essential element of a suit.

Neck tie

Speaking of which, not all fashion styles require an addition of a neck tie, but formal attire is still unimaginable without one. If you adhere to a more traditional look, definitely choose gray or crimson hues or subtly striped ties. However, the latest fashion tips give strong preference to slim ties in dark colors for those confident, trendy men.


For those occasions and moods when a suit seems like too much but you still want to achieve elegance, the name of the compromise is blazer. More casual and relaxed than a formal jacket, but also a level up from a regular one, a blazer goes well with button down-shirts and jeans, with crow-neck sweaters or plain tees. The most popular colors are gray, navy blue, black, brown, or khaki, depending on the rest of the outfit and most notably – shoes.

Naturally, all of these items are just a starting point on a road to creating an individual signature look. The key to achieving a stylish personalized look is to start from the key essentials and then build it up by incorporating details in accordance with the occasion and personal taste. Numerous accessories can transform any outfit and give it a completely different vibe. Don’t be afraid to experiment, to stay curious and play, to have fun and, most importantly, feel comfortable in the clothes you wear.